The 2nd CMC&Expo China –Suzhou City 2020

The 2nd China International Biological & Chemical Pharmaceutical Technology Service Expo will be held in the Suzhou Industrial Park on October 22nd-23rd, 2020. There are more than 500 participators of CDE managers, pharmaceutical industry-innovative drugs, generic drugs and APIs, investors, etc. The topics are the following:

22nd October: 1)Conference of CBV (CEO+BD+VC). 2)Research, clinic and registration of chemical drugs. 3)Conference of quality and regulation of biological drugs.

23rd October: 1)Conference of API Summit & CDMO. 2)Discussion of consistency review of chemical drugs. 3)Discussion of analytical science of biological drugs.

Gencloud Pharma will also launch new products with high quality pharmaceutical excipients from Europe. The booth is set at the conference. Welcome to our booth please if you are interesting.

Booth location: No. 35th